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A new season and a new direction

For me, it all comes back to people. Our people. This season, I wanted to shine a spotlight on our people and, in turn, the people who inspire and support them – celebrating their relationships.

Our strongest desires as humans

I’m a huge reader and drive my family nuts with the amount of time I spend in bookstores. A favourite topic for me is any book on leadership and how to best engage a team of individuals to achieve amazing things. We have several hundred people working in three countries and one of my greatest joys is trying to create an environment that people love to be in - and where they can do great work! In my most recent read ‘Boundaries for Leaders’ I did what I normally do on first picking up a book, and went straight to the last chapter to check out the conclusion.

One statement leapt out at me, that I feel is profound; our strongest human desires are to ‘Connect, create and grow’ and I realised that any time in my life when one of these three has been missing, I have been unsettled and a bit lost. The words ‘Connect, create and grow’ really hit me because they’re eerily similar to our ‘Purpose’ - a statement we identified about eighteen months ago; a statement that now guides us in everything we do.

Our beliefs, Values and Purpose

Why do we come to work? How do we treat each other? Every organization needs a strong foundation or beliefs it holds dear; this is normally made up of two things – a set of Values and a Purpose.

Put simply, Values guide us to how we treat each other, how we treat our customers and all those we come into contact with. I’m proud to say we’ve had strong Values in place for the last twelve years. They’re part of our DNA.

We are constantly talking about them, recognizing and celebrating our people who live our Values on a daily basis. I believe this is the key to us being a multiple finalist and winner in the IBM Kenexa Best Workplaces Competition. You can see our six values below.

A Purpose tells us why we come to work in the first place! It’s not about making sales. For a Purpose to really resonate it must be inspiring, engaging and lift us to be our best possible selves. Four years ago we started on a journey to identify our Purpose, and after much consultation with our people, debate, reflection and quite a few false starts, we finally came up with ‘Together we inspire and create’ and it’s this Purpose that inspired our new campaign.

Our Purpose: ‘Together we inspire and create’

It’s great to see our people really get this! A question
they often ask themselves at the end of each busy day is “What have I done today, together with my team, to inspire our people and customers, and what have we created - amazing shoes? Great experiences? Fantastic service?” Going back to our strongest human desires, it hit me how similar our Purpose ‘Together we inspire and create’ is to those desires, which is to ‘Connect, create and grow’.

Our passion to celebrate our people and our purpose has informed our whole season and we’re excited to share this with you.

Our people, their stories; our new campaign

Like shoes, the best things come in pairs. Our new campaign, inspired by our Purpose, champions relationships in all their different forms and the inspiration and creativity that comes from them. Partners, friends, siblings – the people who share our moments both big and small, who lift you up and who bring you down to earth too.

It’s the people around us who drive our inspirations, share our achievements, and support us through the hard stuff. Let’s acknowledge that. Join us in store and online to celebrate and share their stories; ‘Together we inspire and create’.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Shane Anselmi, Managing Director