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Adam & Daniel - Best friends

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“It's been a very short but fast friendship.”

Although they’re now inseparable, Adam and Daniel didn’t even talk for the first few weeks they worked together. These days however, it’s a whole different story “I’m the Bert to his Ernie, the Jekyll to his Hyde and the B1 at B2’s side.”

With such different personalities (and a slow start to their friendship) it could have gone a very different way. Adam still finds their connection unexpected, but has realised that their contrasting personalities are the key “What surprises me about our friendship? That we’re friends at all! We're yin and yang; I'm sort of dynamic energy, lightning, and he’s all order and balance.” It’s a feeling shared by Daniel “We're very different people. Our music tastes are so different, it would be like Beyonce in the 70s with a moustache.”

Music is a passion that they both share in fact, although those tastes differ, and Daniel’s expectations and assumptions were challenged when he got to know more of Adam “When I first met Adam, he always talked about how he was classically trained at theatre and singing. So I thought that a tall man like him must move gracefully like a feather… But he's just so uncoordinated with every inch of his body, especially dancing; at least he’s so tall so you can't ever loose him. I need to teach him to dance.” However this surprising revelation is something Adam defends, and it’s been a continual source of hilarity throughout their friendship “Well that is me, Daniel; I am going to be at the front line of the dance floor at your gig.”

Working together can often test a friendship, but Daniel wouldn’t have it any other way “He makes work a lot better when it's boring. Not that work's boring… But when it's quiet he’s there to make it better; the banter's so good.”

Both boys know they can be themselves with each other, and it’s this frankness and honesty that sets them apart, making their friendship strong “Adam is very good at telling me things in the nicest possible way, when it's not good news or when I just need to hear a truth; he's like a very tall dad… He’s very good at telling me what's right. He gives it to me straight, and I keep telling him that he shouldn't be wearing yellow with blue.” This candour naturally goes two ways, “Daniel brings out the best in me, because he’s just so blunt.”

For Adam though, the blunt humour they share sometimes backfires. “The only bad thing about working with your best friend, is that you have someone who knows all your dirty laundry.”

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