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Crystal & Tony - Couple

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“The best thing we’ve been through together, that definitely would be getting married.” – Tony

Crystal knew Tony since they were teenagers, however they weren’t your typical high school sweethearts “We went to high school together, but we didn't really like each other - we were totally different people.” Good things take time though, and it was years until fate stepped in “Five years later we kind of bumped into each other, and our friends were dating; so we decided to follow suit, and ended up getting married!” But before marriage was on the horizon, the early days of their relationship faced a hurdle; Tony had to get through the obstacle of distance “I went overseas for three months, not long after we got together; that was the hardest thing we’ve been through.”

“We thought… Sweet as, nothing serious, we’ll just hang out.” - Crystal

But their feelings were serious, and after Tony returned from Europe, their relationship went from strength to strength. It got to the point where Tony had to put their future on the table “The most risky thing I’ve ever done was asking Crystal to marry me. I was nervous, because there’s always the possibility of a no. In my head, I sort of had ‘After so many years, I’ll ask her!’ and then came the time, and I did.” Fast-forward, and they found themselves in Samoa surrounded by family and friends, but also surrounded by tropical weather. “On our wedding day, it was pouring down with rain. We’d planned to get married at 3pm, so at 2pm we needed to make the call of whether we were going with plan B.” But to Crystal’s relief, fate stepped in again “The skies just opened up and it was brilliant blue sky, and we got married exactly where we wanted to.”

Getting married reinforced their relationship, affirming for Crystal how strong they’d always been. “After our wedding, at first people kept asking ‘How's married life?’ and I really didn't know what to say to that. Although it’s more of a security, marriage didn't really change our life; we lived together, we did everything together. We have a joint bank account, which is probably a bigger commitment than marriage to be honest.”

“I think Tony's openness to learn allows me to be myself, especially because we come from two totally different upbringings, and two totally different cultures. Tony's always made me feel really comfortable about being myself, whether culturally or about my personality. I'm really loud and he's not. I think he helps me to be the best version of myself.” - Crystal

Crystal believes marriage made their commitment to each other stronger than ever. “The biggest thing for me is that, if we have a disagreement or an argument, I can’t just walk away… You have to stay and fight; you compelled to stay and fix it.”

“We’re stubborn, but we’re strong.” - Crystal

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