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Laura & Tai - Couple

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“It sounds cheesy, but our relationship is just so smooth.”

Although they moved in similar social circles, it was a while before Laura and Tai met; he was on her radar, but she wanted to play it cool “I was at a party, and I turned around and I saw him. I thought I said “Tai!” in my head, but I said it out loud!” Prepared for it to be a faux pas, instead this exclamation worked in her favour “I definitely remember when we met. I walked into this party with a few friends, and I heard somebody call out my name; I’d never heard such a nice voice. We kicked it off big time.”

From then on, Tai didn’t leave her side “There was no ‘Will you go out with me?’ or what not; there was just us. It just works, and it has ever since the first day that we met.

Their relationship has been so good in fact, that it forced him to assess moving in together early on “It got to the point where it was like ‘When are you gonna be moving your stuff? You're paying for a very expensive storage at your other place?’ So it was a no brainer.” There’s no one Tai would rather be with, even finding the separation of daily life hard “We’re most happy when we’re together. Even before I go to work each day, I miss her already, but it's really good to look forward to coming home.”

Both passionate people, they’ve had to learn to embrace compromise and balance “Being with Tai has made me a lot more patient; I'm quite strong minded, and we're both equally opinionated - or equally stubborn. I've just learned to be a little bit more patient. We both pick our battles, and know when to bite our tongue.”

Understanding takes two, and Tai believes that they’ve helped each other grow “We have both improved from being with each other; we are better in ourselves. So I am by far more patient, and she is more patient and understanding as well. I can be a bit of a diva sometimes, more than she can to be honest.” There’s little patience can’t solve, but for Laura, sometimes it all comes down to something even simpler “If Tai is having a bad day, the first thing I do is I'll make us some food. Half of the time, I feel like if you're in a bad mood it can be solved by food; if I'm stroppy, it's usually because I’m hungry.”

Laura is the more laidback of the two, and Tai coming into her life has motivated her “Tai is a very, very driven person, and he inspires me to do well and work hard too. He’s helped me be a lot more disciplined to achieve, and to stick with things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.” The support goes two ways, with Tai finding their relationship engages his sense of drive even more “I'm always about bettering and challenging myself. Laura keeps me accountable for that; if I'm going to be preaching something, I should be practicing what I preach.”

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