Now Reading: In The Making: Autumn Winter 20 Lookbook

In The Making: Autumn Winter 20 Lookbook

As you may know, we were hoping to share this campaign with you a few weeks ago, but we delayed this in light of everything happening in the world. We want to continue to inspire more than ever right now and this is why we're so excited to share the lookbook of 'In The Making' with you. Our passionate team put countless hours into curating this range for you, as well as the creatives behind the beautiful imagery you'll explore today. We sincerely thank you for your support and hope you love our Autumn Winter 20 collection.

From simple moments to special occasions, life is in the making. It is forged from creativity, spontaneity and, above all, sharing our lives with those that are dear to us.

With creativity in front of mind, more than ever this season we are celebrating the craftsmanship behind our footwear; the finessed skills and precious knowledge of our makers, and the dedication and passion of our people. We search far and wide for the utmost quality, fresh ideas and bold creations. We share values and thoughts, ask questions and champion the brave.

Creativity can be discovered in all aspects of life, whether it’s the shoes you put on your feet, the places they take you, or the special moments you create in your day. Life should be lived and enjoyed on your own terms. We believe in crafting a beautiful life - composing unforgettable experiences and cherishing every moment.


With a range as diverse as life itself, and our decades of history in New Zealand, our footwear is designed to support our customer to embrace every single precious day; Merchant is there for the moments and the memories.


Autumn Winter 20 styles are available to explore online now.

Please note shipping delays as per our COVID-19 update. Some of the shoes in this lookbook are coming soon and will be able to purchase when our stores and distribution centre can reopen. We'll update you when they arrive on our digital channels! 

Thanks to the dream team:

Photographer: Hayley Bayliffe

Videographer: William Anselmi

Creative Lead: Delia Clare

Stylist: Sammy Salsa

Production Assistant: Kate Mann

Makeup Artist: Rebekah Banks

Models: Annabella and Tom - N Management