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Olivia & Chelsea - Sisters

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Watch Chelsea and Olivia's video here

“We still get mistaken for each other, all the time. Even now, our grandparents still get us confused!” – Olivia

When you’re twins, confusion is inevitable. But a lifetime of mix-ups can get repetitive and frustrating; so rather than explain themselves to everyone, Chelsea has found that sometimes

it’s easiest to just play along “We're used to it… If a stranger smiles, we just know and we’re prepared, so we just kind of smile back. It happens all the time.”

Although they’re best friends, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Chelsea admits they’ve had difficult years “When we were younger, we found it really embarrassing to be friends. So we kind of separated.” However growing older saw them embrace their relationship and understand how to deal with the hurdles of being twins.

“I don't know how people cope going through life without someone who's so close to them.” - Chelsea

Olivia shares more than just her appearance with her sister Our favourite thing is dancing together.” Pursuing their passion together, some of their biggest milestones have been shared; like one of Chelsea’s high points “We were both nominated for nationals for dance, that was one of the most happy moments for us both.”

Their closeness and similarities can be a double-edged sword, “It's hard to be our own selves sometimes.” But both girls value their independence. Olivia believes sustaining a unique identity is important “Sometimes it can be hard to find our individuality; we’re always being classified together.”

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