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Have I been charged twice?

If you have recently completed your purchase and checked your bank account soon after, you might see two charges instead of one; don't panic - there could be a very simple explanation for this!

When you place an order with us, your bank places a hold on this amount at the time you check out. This ensures that funds are available for our company to charge your credit or debit card for your purchase. This is called pre-authorisation, and it is a standard practice when funds are transferred electronically. As the charge is not done by us until we've picked, packed and are about to dispatch your item(s), it is important that those funds are still there after processing for us to charge.

If we are unable to fulfil an order (for example, if an item is sold out) the funds should drop off automatically within 5 working days. If the pre-authorisation is still there outside of this time frame, we recommend you contact your bank and request they remove the authorisation manually - they may require us to email through details to confirm we no longer need the funds held.