Sole Responsibility

We’re part of a connected ecosystem and it’s our responsibility to make better choices to benefit our customers, employees and the planet. People and community have always been the heart of what we do, and with 70 years of business under our belt, it’s time to widen the scope of our commitment. We recognise our environmental responsibility to protect the planet for future generations and are making steps towards a more sustainable future. For us, sustainability is a journey. Our mission, Together we create to inspire, means continuing to create better practices and better innovations that offer inspiration for our people. We are determined to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of our business, from our people, to our practices, the materials we use and more. There are many levels to our responsibility and we are determined to create change to challenge our environmental impact. We recognise this is a journey and we still have a lot to learn. Every bit makes a difference, and it will be a series of small steps to reach our long-term goals. Join us as we keep you informed on our Sole Responsibility towards a more sustainable future.

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