Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots are a winter wardrobe essential that draws your eye all the way up. Our New Zealand designers worked hard to perfect the fit of our long leather boots this season; adding multi-fit features and various premium materials. As well as providing warmth in the cooler months, high boots are chic and surprisingly versatile worn with jeans or a dress. Explore our range of premium leather knee-high boots in a range of colours, fabrics and heel heights.


Our fit guide:

Stretch fit: This fit will have a stretch panel or stretch upper that allows for a more fitted profile and allows for a variety of leg shapes and sizes

Multi-fit: Fits multiple leg shapes. These styles may incorporate zips that vary the fit depending on leg proportion and/ or stretch panels with strapping to lessen or tighten the fit.

Standard fit: Through our design knowledge of past knee-high boots, these styles will fit an average size leg with little room for adjustment.