Deuce Sneakers: Custom Kicks Competition

Thanks for getting creative with us! We had so much fun admiring all of the talented designs. Now we need your help to choose our winner - vote for your favourite of our top 10 designs here

Hey. Houseparty might be good for kicks when you’re in your bubble, but someday, sometime we’re all gonna be out and about again. And when that happens, you’re going to need new kicks. So why not lock down your release party look now?

Deuce Sneakers are designed right here in NZ, which is why we're asking Kiwi's and Australian's like you to design the canvas sneakers you’d like to step out of iso in. We’ll take the best ideas and turn them into a pair of custom kicks for you and your bubble buddy and feature them in our Spring Summer 20 range as an exclusive limited edition release!

Here's how:

Step 1: Either print off our template or draw a 10cmx10cm square

Step 2: Fill this with your design. It can be a pattern, motif, doodle or whatever you like (within reason – see guidelines below). You can draw by hand in pencil, pen, crayon or finger paint, or if you like, you can design digitally.

Step 3: Take a picture of your design and submit it via this form

Step 4: Share with your friends and tag #customkicks

Step 5. Wear out your old kicks pacing your living room/balcony/luxury lockdown villa/superyacht whilst you wait for us to announce the winners and check out other people’s submissions whilst you do via @deucesneakers 

Download Template

Submit Your Design

Art Guidelines

You might be going stir-crazy, but what some of what goes on in your bubble, really ought to stay in your bubble, so please keep your designs clean. We’ll be moderating entries and those that don’t comply with the guidelines, (see below) won’t be considered.

Really Strict Guidelines
Please do not include any trademarked or copyrighted material, offensive content or brand logos. Not too hard eh?

Any questions?
Visit our FAQ page here

Read the terms and conditions here