How To Care: Suede/Nubuck

Nothing can compare to the durability and luxury of natural leather. As we value quality first and foremost, our full grain leather is of the highest calibre and all of our hides are hand selected for the perfect finish. Because we’re passionate about beautiful shoes, we’re also passionate about caring for them. We’ve perfected our specialised range of care products to help combat the wear and tear of daily life and to protect your leather footwear. Suede and nubuck leather requires specialist care to ensure they stay looking their best.



Wear your shoes on alternate days to allow them to air out and have a longer life. Always leave wet shoes to dry naturally - never by artificial heat. Driving in heels may cause damage to the backs of the shoes and heels. Wear with care for some finishes such as glitter and embellishment due to their delicate nature.




Premium and alcohol-free, this spray protects the leather from the effects of water, marks, stains and prevents discolouration. Ideal for the delicate nature of suede and can be used on any colour! We highly recommend spraying 3-4 layers of this before your first wear for that extra protection. You can then continue spraying an extra coat on your suede/nubuck shoes regularly based on how often you wear them. Available in a small pump spray size to purchase online, or a large ozone-friendly aerosol in stores.





Your suede saviour! This sponge applicator refreshes the colour of your suede to retain the rich, soft character of black suede and nubuck. Available only in black. Use it alongside our Suede/Nubuck Brush.




This gentle cleaner removes grime and soil from suede and nubuck and is suitable for all colours! Use with our Suede/Nubuck Brush. We recommend cleaning the whole shoe, rather than spot cleaning.




Two-sided, designed to clean and restore suede and nubuck. The rubber side helps remove dirt and scuff marks. The bristled side brushes and raises the nap to restore the lush finish of the pile. Rubber edging helps ‘erase’ marks and clean cracks. Use alongside the Suede/Nubuck Shampoo and the Suede/Nubuck Reviver.



If you ever have any further questions on how to clean your suede/nubuck shoes, our friendly team members in stores are shoe care experts and are happy to help!


Terms and conditions: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the use of Merchant 1948 care products on other brand’s shoes. Please refrain from using Merchant 1948 care products on shoes made by other brands. Merchant 1948 cannot be held liable for the results produced by using our care products on other branded shoes.